Monday, March 12, 2012

Yahoo Calendar Daylight Saving Time Error

There are a lot of US users of Yahoo Calendar that are complaining about the said application. Most of them are calling about not being able to set an appointment nor update their calendar as the calendar only shows 1 AM slot. What happens is that all the times on their calendar list stays at 1 AM. If they mouse-over an event, it shows the correct time for the listing however the visible time is still 1 AM. Most of them already refreshed, restarted, signed out and signed back in to Yahoo with no luck. Yahoo already made an announcement that because of the change in time (Daylight Saving Time), there has been a glitch on their system. They are already working on it and finding a solution for this error in system however it might take them a day or two. Please try to monitor your calendar from time to time until this Yahoo Calendar Daylight Saving Time Error has been fixed.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I'm a Technical Support Representative for more than 5 years now and there are a lot of people calling us for help on how to set up their wireless connection. Here I will teach you a step by step procedure on how to set up windows 7 computer to a wireless network. But before everything else, you need to make sure that your wireless adapter is installed and is enabled. Though for most computers, the wireless adapter is on by default, you still need to make sure that if you are using a laptop, your wireless adapter is turned on. 

First step is to make sure that you have the wireless network name (SSID) as well as the Wireless Encryption Key (WEP) of the network you want to connect to. For most routers, those information are located at the bottom of the modem (EX: 2WIRE, WESTELL, MOTOROLA)

Second, go to your computer, locate the wireless connection icon in the system tray. It is normally located at the lower right hand corner of your computer, next to the clock. This icon will look like five bars and would show an orange dot on the bars if there is no connection. 

Third, click on the wireless connection, it will open up a list of wireless networks available. 

Fourth, find the name of your wireless network and select connect button. Make sure that you check the box that says Connect automatically if you plan to use that network in the future. 

If your network is a Security-enabled network, you will be asked to type in the network key. If it is not wireless password enabled, it will connect to the network automatically. 

If you have entered an incorrect wireless encryption key, it will ask you to type it in again. If you have type in the correct information, you will notice that the wireless connection icon in the taskbar  will no longer has the orange dot on the bar.

Finally, pull up internet browser and start surfing the net. It's easy! 


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Meet My New HP Mininote...Asha..

For quite sometime now, I've been searching for the best and the cheapest mini laptop available. Since I sold my old Asus EEPC 701 lappy, I've been without a blogging buddy. I love blogging with my laptop as I can move around and in and out of the room whenever I want to though I still don't have a wireless router at that time since I can always draft my ideas on a Wordpad. Just got my 13th month pay and because of that, I was able to purchase this HP Mini Note at SM North Edsa. I just love it!

Here's the specs:
HP Mini 110-3713 N570 Win7 NetBook
Intel ATOM Dual Core N570 (1.6GHz, 1MB cache) 1GB DDR3, 320GB HDD, Built-in 802.11b/g WiFi , Bluetooth, 1.3MP Camera, 2xUSB / VGA-out (D-Sub, 15pin) / earphone jack / mic / RJ45 10/100 Mbps / Multi-touch Trackpad, Stereo speaker, Microphone, 6 Cells Li-Ion Battery, 10 Hour run Time Max, Weight 1.15 kgs, Windows 7 SE Licensed, 10.1" WSVGA LED Display. Color: 3713-Black, 3715-Red.

Another good news is that Bayantel just recently installed our wireless router and since then, I had the best laptop experience.  Hopefully I can make thousands of beautiful and meaningful and money generating blog entries with Asha.