Monday, March 12, 2012

Yahoo Calendar Daylight Saving Time Error

There are a lot of US users of Yahoo Calendar that are complaining about the said application. Most of them are calling about not being able to set an appointment nor update their calendar as the calendar only shows 1 AM slot. What happens is that all the times on their calendar list stays at 1 AM. If they mouse-over an event, it shows the correct time for the listing however the visible time is still 1 AM. Most of them already refreshed, restarted, signed out and signed back in to Yahoo with no luck. Yahoo already made an announcement that because of the change in time (Daylight Saving Time), there has been a glitch on their system. They are already working on it and finding a solution for this error in system however it might take them a day or two. Please try to monitor your calendar from time to time until this Yahoo Calendar Daylight Saving Time Error has been fixed.

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